Teacher Bios

Clarke, Tiffany
Hello! I’ll be teaching 3D Art this semester and so excited for our new co-op!

I earned my Bachelors of Fine Art Photography from EMU in 2007. There we studied all forms of art and spent 12 hour days drawing, painting, sculpting, and working in one of the last photography programs to focus on darkroom photography.

Throughout my life I’ve held many jobs and taken classes in various teaching roles. I held a position as Master Tutor to the Tutoring Department while I was in college. I toyed with the idea of teaching art as a career but wanted to DO ART before I felt qualified to teach it. That said, I’ve taught as a daycare classroom leader, Scrap TC craft project teacher, summer camp counselor, public school aide, and trainer for various jobs in the meantime.

Once I graduated from college I soon had 3 sweet little babies and decided I needed to teach THEM ALL the things because I loved it and I simultaneously started a photography hobby that has blossomed into a 10 year old Photography Studio where I focus on portrait photography and second shoot as a wedding photographer on the weekends.

I LOVE change and this is why I am offering 3D art this semester rather than photography. 

I’m excited to offer a studio for our blossoming artists to not only learn technique but also to create a similar welcoming space where young artists can feel at home to create and be inspired like I did through my high school years!

Fernand, Amalia 
“I am an environmental educator, an entrepreneur, a writer, a photographer, and a leathercrafter. I have worked with children and animals in over 20 countries on six continents, and recently published my first two books, including: Michigan Wildlife: A Coloring Field Guide. I have a Master of Science in ecological leadership and education, and a Bachelor’s in environmental studies with minors in marine science and anthropology. I founded Nature Explorers International in 2001 with the mission to inspire excitement and curiosity for the environment through art, science, and outdoor experiences. I offer summer day camp programs in Benzonia, have worked locally with The Children’s House, the Human Nature School, and SEEDS, and taught last year at the Northern Michigan Partnership. I grew up the daughter of a local handmade shoe-maker, and have created functional art from repurposing leather scraps as soon as I was old enough to hold a hammer. My leather jewelry has helped to fund my international volunteer projects, and I have taught leathercraft classes for home-school groups, boy scouts, 4-H, after-school, and adults.”  www.amaliaexplores.com

Kanouse, Hadassah
I will be teaching Countries & Cultures, Creative Writing, and Play Doh Project this semester! I am a SAH/homeschooling mom of (currently) 3. Prior to having my own kiddos I worked in numerous child care settings from in-home daycare to full classrooms for a large church. I have volunteered as a coach for several seasons of soccer with my girls and enjoy working with children. I’ve spent the majority of my life in Northern Michigan but have also lived in several other states as well as the countries of Cambodia and (briefly) Thailand. I love traveling and embracing differences in cultures and lifestyles around the country and world! I have always had a strong love of writing, beginning in 6th grade with a basic short-story assignment and continuing into AP English classes in high school and hobby writing beyond. I truly enjoy interactive and real-life application learning and am excited to implement both in each of my classes this semester! I believe genuine learning happens best through curiosity, exploration and fun and look forward to helping create opportunities for this type of natural learning within my classrooms.

Morgan, Christi
Christi’s two bachelor degrees in education and psych/social work fields have led to over two decades of teaching, coaching, being a counselor, directing daycares and other family programs. As the director of “Mi Families” (“my families” www.MiFamilies.com) Christi facilitates programs for families and those who work with families through provider trainings, parent workshops, and youth services. Youth services include developmental assistance (such as ABA therapy), tutoring (tots to teens), and teaching classes (such as the ones taught at this co-op / previously the Partnership), which her and her husband both love teaching at, and their children love attending!

Morgan, Jeffrey
Jeff is an award winning Director, Producer, Cinematographer, and Editor with two decades of worldwide experience in the fields of feature films, documentaries, commercials, and corporate videos. He has taught kindergarteners through adults the art of filmmaking and loves to teach all forms of art, including martial arts, with others. Jeff has studied martial art forms such as: Maharlika Kuntaw, Kashima Shinryu, Kenjutsu, Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Aikido… He loves to share the world of martial arts, art, music, film, storytelling – and teaching how to fix everything from homes, to cars, to computers – with students of all ages, including his own kids!

Novak, Brad
Brad Novak is an educator/performer based in Traverse City, MI. He is the owner/operator of The Beat Lab, an educational facility that educates over 100 students each week in the area of drums and percussion, ukulele, guitar, and bass. He has taught percussion for the Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools, Traverse City Area Public Schools, is an instructor of drums and percussion for Northwestern Michigan College, and is the drum set instructor for the Interlochen Arts Academy Contemporary Music Department.

His performance/recording credits include: The Accidentals, Joe Welsh, Sommerson, The Amanda Waggener Band, Kristine Seeley, Dominic Fortuna, Miriam Pico, David Chown, and John Pomeroy among others.

O’Hare, Jenelle
Jenelle O’Hare has been a homeschool educator for the past three years. She has a Bachelor of Arts and previous certification in teaching Elementary Education, students with Learning Disabilities, and Reading. Through her own journey with Learning Disabilities, Jenelle has developed a creative approach to learning and teaching. She also has a lifelong love for the Fine Arts and has illustrated images for teaching products. Jenelle is excited to teach, learn, and create with students this year.

Stevenson, JodiAnn
JodiAnn Stevenson earned her BA in English from the University of Michigan; her MA in Creative Writing at New Mexico State University; and her MFA in Poetry from Goddard College in Vermont. She has been a Professor of English for 19 years and before that, taught English as a Second Language for 4 years. During this time, she had the opportunity to teach in K-12 schools both in the U.S. and abroad with the Peace Corps. For the past ten years, Stevenson has worked towards becoming a Body Liberation Trainer by completing an Associate’s degree as a Health Fitness Specialist; a nationally certified personal training certification; a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher certification; and an Intuitive Eating Lay Facilitator certification. She currently runs training and classes from her home studio in Frankfort, MI. A firm believer in lifelong learning, Stevenson has recently embarked upon a major career change by beginning work towards a Master’s in Social Work. In her teaching career, Stevenson noticed that the emotional, mental and physical health needs of her students seemed to overshadow and thwart their academic success. Because of this realization, she sought to get closer to the root of what people really need the most help with. This has been the catalyst for her major line of inquiry and the personal education she has been following for many years. Stevenson’s experience in and out of the classroom has led her to believe that cultivating a “growth mindset” is a great beginning to building the kind of resiliency a student needs for academic success and for life in general. Stevenson is also a poet and writer whose work has appeared in numerous print and online journals since 1996 and the author of several collections of poetry.

Zivkovich, Rose
I will be teaching the Young Entrepreneurs class this semester.  This is my first foray into “formal” teaching – but never fear, I’m not entirely new to this rodeo.  I have been a Girl Scout leader of a local homeschool troop for five years, I am now a Boy Scout den mother, I have coached Little League baseball now for two years, and in my spare time I designed, developed, and ran the Northern Michigan Partnership as a director and then administrator for TCAPS.  I am now the administrator for the Northern Michigan Collaborative Homeschool Co-op and super excited to bring a whole new blend of learning opportunities to our homeschool community! I have my MBA with a specialization in marketing. In a previous life, I was a senior brand manager and then sales specialist for an entertainment company, and the director for SCRAP TC. Finally, I am the happy wife of a financial consultant and proud homeschool mother of a 4th grader and 2nd grader! If you can’t tell, I can never sit still (except when I’m reading a great book), I love to explore and develop new opportunities – and I am passionate about leading our children to career choices that will truly make them happy.